Afghanistan’s embassy to act within limits of 1961 Vienna Convention: Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman

  January 10, 2022   News ID 5578
Afghanistan’s embassy to act within limits of 1961 Vienna Convention: Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has reacted to certain reports about future diplomatic activities of Afghanistan’s embassy in Tehran, specifying that the country's mission will only act within the constraints of the 1961 Vienna Convention.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Speaking on Sunday, Saeed Khatibzadeh responded to reports carried by certain media outlets alleging that the Iranian government is planning to hand over the Afghan embassy in Tehran to the Taliban.

“The diplomatic activities of the Afghan embassy in Tehran, like all foreign embassies, fall within the framework of the principles and rules defined by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and no developments are possible to take place outside [the convention's stipulations],” Khatibzadeh said.

A day earlier, the Taliban foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, arrived in Tehran while heading a high-ranking delegation to hold talks with Iranian officials in a first such trip since the group seized power.

Also on Sunday, Iran's Foreign Ministry issued a statement, noting that economic cooperation between the two countries was top on the agenda of talks with the Afghan delegation, which comprised of the caretakers of Afghan ministries of economy, industry, and trade as well as the deputies of several ministries.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly emphasized the need to maintain economic and trade relations between the two countries in the best interests of the people of the neighboring country (Afghanistan), especially in the current situation,” the ministry’s statement added.

It said during the trip, agreements were reached on various economic and trade issues such as banking cooperation, cross-border markets, mining, trade, and sports cooperation.

The Taliban took control of the Afghan government in mid-August last year, in the midst of the United States’ hasty, reckless withdrawal of its forces from the country.

Since the takeover, Iran has consistently highlighted the importance of the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan through the formation of an inclusive government in the war-ravaged country.

Tehran has also called for a boost to international humanitarian efforts for Afghanistan, saying the “very small” volume of international aid for Afghan refugees does not help much.

The US military led the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, in what it proselytized as a war on terror meant to eradicate the Taliban (Source: PRESSTV).

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