Afin Grand Mosque

  January 23, 2022   Read time 1 min
Afin Grand Mosque
This building is located inside Afin Village. It has a single balcony in the present conditions. The balcony of the building, whose vault has fallen down, is considered to be the most important part of the architecture of the building.

Bearing in mind the available evidence, particularly using a forked arch in all vaults, the vault of the balcony has also been in the forked shape. There are two corridors located on the two sides of the balcony, the main gonbadkhaneh is behind the balcony and two smaller gonbadkhanehs are located on the two sides of the main gonbadkhaneh. The dome has been constructed on the four-sided surface of gonbadkhanehs using filpoush.

The courtyard of the building lies in front of the balcony, and has canopies on three sides. The exact construction date of the building is not clear, but the decorative plasterwork and also its architectural style belong to the Saljoughi period.