Alam Kuh the Steps towards the Blue Sky

  May 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Alam Kuh the Steps towards the Blue Sky
In spite of being mostly a desert land, Iran has many high and unique mountains inside its borders and Alam-Kuh is one of the highest and most beautiful among them. Alam-Kuh with 4800meters height is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand. 

Alam-Kuh is located in the middle of other high peaks in Takht-e Soleyman region, Mazandaran province. It reaches Kelardasht to the north and Taleqan to the south. Kelardasht city, Roudbarak rand Vandarbon are the nearest regions to this peak in Mazandaran province. In addition, From the south Parachan and Taleqan are closer to this mountain.

Takht-e Soleyman has been considered to be Iran’s Alps, because it embraces many peaks with more than 4000meters height, on one hand. On the other hand, Kelardasht and Roudbarak are the provenances of many famous mountain climbers and professional Himalia climbers and therefore, it is no wonder that people of Kelardasht and surrounding areas are everyday climbing at high altitude. In fact, mountain climbing is considered one ordinary activity among the local peoples of these regions.

Alam-Kuh wall is one of the most famous parts of these mountains. This wall is among the most difficult and professional rock climbing routes in Iran that have attracted even the European mountain climber’s attention, too. Many European wall climbers come here every year. Also, the natural glaciers are the other significant feature of this region.

The main route to conquer the Alam-Kuh peak is to cross a beautiful plain named Hasar Chal. To climb Alam-Kuh through this route you must first enter Karaj-Chalus road and then change your way to Kelardasht. Proceed to Roudbarak village to reach Mountain Climbing Federation Camp in this village. Now, you have to use the local vehicles, with previous coordination, in order to go to Tangalu. Here is the beginning of your path to climb Hesar Chal. Another way is the route of Vandarbon.

The only option to travel to this region and climb Alam-Kuh is summer. Because heavy snow, snowslide and storm completely cover this area during the autumns and winters. The conditions that continue to the spring.

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