Algerian Judoka and coach temporarily suspended from Judo Federation

  August 01, 2021   News ID 3376
Algerian Judoka and coach temporarily suspended from Judo Federation
An Algerian athlete after shunning an Israeli opponent at the Tokyo Olympics has now been temporarily suspended, along with his coach, from the International Judo Federation, meaning that Fethi Nourine will not be able to compete after making his bold statement in support of Palestine.

After returning to Algeria, Press TV secured an exclusive interview with Nourine to ask why he felt he had to walk.

I was pitted to play against an athlete from the usurper entity, occupying Palestinian land, a regime which kills innocent people and drives them out of their homes, day and night.

Because of this, I don't accept that my hand is smeared with someone who represents an entity like this, and be associated with the Algerian flag, which is in support of the Palestinian cause.

Fethi Nourine, Algerian Judoka

His actions meant he would miss out on a chance to win a medal, but Nourine admitted he had no regrets.

If the same situation arises, I would not hesitate to take the same decision, the world needs to know that Israel is an occupier and they practice all kinds of laws that deviate from the international laws and human rights.

We need to send a message to the world that we deal with all religions with dignity, just as the Islamic religion recommended us to do, except for the ones who fight against the religion and the Muslims.

We are against them, and it's our rights to respond to them, we have the right to defend our religion and all oppressed Muslims.

Fethi Nourine, Algerian Judoka

The Olympic Charter takes a strong stance against any political acts, stating that no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted.

However this isn't the first time that a Muslim athlete has protested against this controversial lineup.

Many are now starting to ask questions about the Olympics, their lack of sensitivity on the subject and whether the games are being used to ‘sportswash’ Israel at a time when Palestinians remain deeply oppressed?