Amirabdollahian: Overall agreement to resolve technical problems reached in talks with Grossi

  November 25, 2021   News ID 5058
Amirabdollahian: Overall agreement to resolve technical problems reached in talks with Grossi
Minister of foreign affairs while elaborating on Iran’s comprehensive consultations with G4+1 and IAEA secretary general’s Tehran visit emphasized here on Wednesday in talks with his Chinese counterpart that overall agreement to solve technical problems was reached with IAEA chief and a joint communique will be issued as soon as possible.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: In their online talks, Hossein Amirabdollahian and Wang Yi focused on bilateral ties, the developments in Afghanistan, and the JCPOA negotiations aimed at termination of the illegally imposed US sanctions against the Iranian nation.

The Iranian foreign minister expressing satisfaction over the positive trend of bilateral ties in recent months, reiterated that the required measures aimed at implementing the reached bilateral agreement are completed and the Chinese side will be informed about their details as soon as possible.

Amirabdollahian said that the US interventions in China's internal affairs on various pretexts, and in Iran’s affair, including politicizing sports, such as preventing the Iranian teams’ access to monetary assets, and threatening not to participate in Beijing Winter Olympics are all condemned.

He elaborated on Iran’s comprehensive consultations with the entire G4+1 sides and the recent visit of the IAEA secretary-general to Tehran, emphasizing that the general agreement to resolve the technical problems was reached with the agency in this visit, and Iran is pursuing the matter of issuing a joint communique with the IAEA at earliest possible opportunity.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran enters the Vienna negotiations with strong will to reach a good agreement, and keeping in mind that America’s illegal exit from the JCPOA and the European sides’ lack of commitment to their agreements, if they will enter the negotiations with the required will to return to observing their commitments, the possibility to reach fast agreement does exist.

The foreign minister referred to the recent trip of President Ebrahim Raisi’s special envoy to Kabul, reiterating that in talks with Taliban officials as the caretakers of Afghanistan, "we have always stressed the need to establishment of an all-encompassing government, as well as informing them that the borders are open to forward the Afghan nation’s needs".

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, for his part, repeated his invitation from Amirabdollahian to visit China, and stressed the need to pursue the various dimensions of the bilateral ties.

He said that resuming the nuclear negotiations and the IAEA managing director’s visit of Tehran are both positive developments and evaluated Iran’s stance of revival of the JCPOA as being based on justice. He also emphasized that China is opposed to any extremist move on JCPOA.

The Chinese foreign minister also emphasized the need to strengthen the initiative of Afghanistan neighbors’ contributions to establishment of peace and stability in that country, reiterating: In order to reach that end the next meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbors will be held in China.

The Wednesday webinar of the two countries’ foreign ministers was their 4th consultation in the course of the past three months (Source: IRNA).

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