Bagheri terms Vienna talks as constructive

  November 30, 2021   News ID 5138
Bagheri terms Vienna talks as constructive
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani described the first day of his talks on lifting the sanctions as constructive.

Vienna, SAEDNEWS: According to an IRNA correspondent, Bagheri told reporters on Monday evening after the end of the first day of the Vienna talks that all the issues of the previous six rounds of talks could be negotiated.
He added that some members, including Russia and China, supported Iran's views expressed during the meeting.

He noted that the Europeans too expressed that it was the White House that was causing problems by leaving the UN Security Council.

Bagheri further said Iran stressed today that the current situation we are facing is the result of the illegal action of the Americans in violating the agreement and Resolution 2231 which was also a violation of international rules and regulations.
According to him, the Iranian delegation also clarified that addressing the situation of oppressive and illegal sanctions should be the first top issue on the agenda of the Joint Commission, which is scheduled to hold a meeting of the sanctions working group in Vienna tomorrow morning.

The senior negotiator of Iran further said that rRegarding the future perspective of the negotiations, the point we emphasized was that the indicators, criteria and criteria that the Islamic Republic of Iran should consider in order to reach a fruitful, fruitful and lasting agreement should be considered.

Many of the criteria and indicators that Iran briefly outlined at this meeting were welcomed by other parties, including the fact that the United States must ensure that new sanctions and sanctions that have already been imposed are lifted and not re-imposed, Bagheri underlined.

He also highlighted the need for guarantees for non-withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and not using its content against the member states.

Bagheri said both Iran and other participating countries believed the Monday meeting was constructive and useful. "Some members, including representatives of Russia and China, welcomed and supported the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The representatives of the European countries also expressed their views in the context of stating that it was the United States that created such a situation and that the action that should be taken should be by the United States."

Regarding the forthcoming meeting of the Joint Commission, he said that the meeting was not over and that when the consultations were over, a closing meeting would be held to decide on the time and place of the next round of talks.

In response to another question whether he hoped the talks would be fruitful, the senior Iranian negotiator said he was optimistic because Iran is frankly serious to negotiate and reach a practical agreement, but at the same time is looking on it in simple terms.

"This is one of the issues on the agenda of the working group for lifting the sanctions, which is to be discussed tomorrow," Bagheri said in response to an IRNA reporter's question about Iran's guarantees from the US unilateral withdrawal from the UN Security Council and the European Union's commitment (Source: IRNA).