Belgian Food: Mitraillette

  September 16, 2021   News ID 4033
Belgian Food: Mitraillette
Mitraillette is a Belgian sandwich that's believed to originate from either Brussels or Wallonia, the French-speaking part of the country near the French border. The sandwich consists of a long baguette that's fully loaded with french fries, fried meat, and some kind of sauce.

In Belgium, almost every friterie has its own version. The meats vary from meatballs and steaks to hamburger patties and frikandel, while the sauces include mayonnaise, béarnaise, ketchup, and garlic sauce. Some friteries like to add carrots, cabbage, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomatoes while others serve it in its simple version.
Mitraillette is especially popular after a night out, and the name means submachine gun, possibly referring to the baguette as a gun, while the french fries then act as bullets. In northern France, the sandwich is called l'américain, referring to the resemblance between mitraillette and American overstuffed burgers.