Bosnia can be Iran’s export corridor to EU

  October 14, 2021   News ID 4472
Bosnia can be Iran’s export corridor to EU
Head of Bosnian Chamber of Commerce said here on Wednesday that his country is capable of becoming Iranian goods’ export corridor to the European countries.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Mirsad Jasarspahic made the comment in a meeting with Deputy Head of Iran Development and Innovations Fund Siavosh Malekifar, who is in Sarajevo atop an economic delegation.

Jasarspahic, meanwhile, said in the meeting with the Iranian delegation that 71% of his country’s foreign trade is done with European countries and this can be interesting for the Iranian companies.

"The Bosnian trade tariff with the European countries is zero and this point, too, can be a good incentive for the Iranian companies," he said.

Jasarspahic said that Iran’s dispatch of a commercial and technological delegation to Sarajevo can be a beginning for a new chapter in bilateral ties, in which the Bosnia will play role as Iran’s export corridor to Europe.

The head of Bosnian Federation Chamber of Commerce said that the priorities of his country in doing trade with Iran are importing polymers and other petrochemical products, medical facilities and information technology (IT) goods, emphasizing that the major challenges in the way of further development of bilateral trade should be identified and eliminated.

Iran-Bosnia technological cooperation to increase

The deputy Head of Iran Development and Innovations Fund, too, said in the meeting that the greatest problem with which the Iranian science based companies are faced with in dealing with Europe is the financial transactions now, and the Iran Development and Innovations Fund’s policy is solving this this problem.

Siavosh Malekifar said that in exports field this fund’s policy includes the direct sales of Iran’s technological goods to the Balkan region markets, with Bosnia as the axis, transfer of scientific and technological expertise aimed at joint production in Bosnia and establishing relations between the Iranian and Bosnian science based companies.

He said that after the Islamic Revolution and throughout the past 40 years, the Iranian knowledge-based companies have always tried to develop the sciences and technologies, as well as innovations, and in many fields, too, Iran has managed to reach independence and manufacture many of the most up-to-date technological facilities in Iran.

Malokifar emphasized that "we need t0 expand Iran-Bosnia bilateral trade, adding that Iran is one of the technologically advanced countries in southwest Asia, that has during the past recent years tried hard to achieve mastery in many modern technologies (Source: IRNA).