Chief negotiator: Iran never to talk about its defense capability

  December 05, 2021   News ID 5201
Chief negotiator: Iran never to talk about its defense capability
The chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic in the process of lifting sanctions stressed that it is quite clear that Iran will never negotiate its missile and defense capabilities as these issues are related to the national security of the country.

Vienna, SAEDNEWS: In an interview with the British newspaper named Middle East Eye, Ali Bagheri Kani also strongly rejected recent speculations about the possibility of an interim agreement or a new JCPOA, including talks on Iran's missile capability and regional activities.

He said: Currently, the subject of negotiations is not related to Iran, but to the United States, because it was the Americans who violated JCPOA, Resolution 2231 and international regulations and left JCPOA and then re-imposed many sanctions against the Iranian people.

He further added: The actions that we have taken in the nuclear field (in response to the withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the inaction of the Europeans in response to this agreement) are reciprocal and compensatory measures.

In this interview, Bagheri reiterated that Iran is very serious about the current negotiations and that the Iranian delegation has come to Vienna to negotiate seriously.

Middle East Eye also quoted Bagheri as saying that Iran is not willing to negotiate with the United States over its regional activities (Source: IRNA).