"Cuisine" the Emblem of French Civilization

  February 08, 2021   Read time 1 min
"Cuisine" the Emblem of French Civilization
French chefs are known to be culinary masters and experts in gastronomy. Food culture in France has a distinguished place in French society. The French people value their cuisine and treat it very delicately and add original recopies to enrich the existing traditions.
The French, as we all “know,” are culinary masters—so much so that to modern ears, gastronomy sounds far more like a French enterprise than the original Greek word on which it is based. The etymology of the term—the law (nomos) of the stomach (gastro)—presumably refers to a biological fact, but the law of the stomach in France legislates much more than what actually enters the digestive tract. It bespeaks the normative nature of French foodways that so strikes foreigners. At some level, everyone acknowledges the rules, regulations, and hierarchies that make eating in France at its best a distinctive experience. However much culinary dissidents may flout these rules, few can afford to ignore the laws of gastronomy. As an emblem of French civilization, cuisine ranks right up there with cathedrals and chateaux, recognized by citizen and visitor alike as somehow intrinsically French. Not without reason did that superlatively French writer, Marcel Proust, identify his great novel with a cathedral on the one hand and a sculptural beef in aspic on the other. Moreover, the recognition obtains whether or not the cathedral is actually visited or the great meal consumed. Each belongs to the national heritage.

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