Cyberattack on Iranian Mahan Airlines thwarted

  November 21, 2021   News ID 5046
Cyberattack on Iranian Mahan Airlines thwarted
Iran's Mahan Airlines announced that its cyber security team has intelligently neutralized cyberattacks and all Mahan flights are underway on the schedule.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Mahan Airlines announced in a statement: "Following the news of the cyberattack on the systems of Mahan Airlines, the company informs that considering the position of Mahan Airlines in the country's aviation industry, such attacks have been carried out against this company many times and at different times."

The statement added: "This is a normal occurrence and Mahan cyber security team has always acted intelligently and in a timely manner and has thwarted these attacks."

"Therefore, it hereby announces that all Mahan flights will be operated according to the schedule," concluded the statement (Source: IRANPRESS).