Daryacheh Gahar, Lorestan Province

  February 28, 2022   Read time 1 min
Daryacheh Gahar, Lorestan Province
Gahar Lake, one of the most beautiful highland lakes of Iran, is located among Oshtorankuh protected zone at the height of 2400 meters above the sea level. Gahar includes upper Gahar (the small one) and lower Gahar (the big one) lakes.

This natural lake has been created of melted snow of Oshtorankuh and accumulation of water behind the dam or sealing that is comprised of landslides so that abundant entrance water in this lake is the cause of its overflowing into the down lake or the main Gahar.

Gahar Lake is like a pond filled from Oshtorankuh springs, waterfalls and spring wells and its water volume is constant during the summer and winter and the most of lake surface freezes in winter.

The shore of this lake except for the lake entrance (western side) and its front part (eastern part) have sandy beaches and the other beaches are rocky. Being besieged the lake among Oshtorankuh Mountains, various flora and fauna, trees and flowers such as copse, Fritillaries and etc., have created a spectacular sight in this region.

Climbing, fishing with hook, swimming, boating, the possibility of ski on the water, seeing the wildlife, walking around the rivers are the ecotourism attractions of this region.