Kulah Khana Waterfall of Abhar in Zanjan

  October 18, 2020   Read time 1 min
Kulah Khana Waterfall of Abhar in Zanjan
Kulah Khana waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Abhar county in Zanjan Province.

Kulah Khaneh Waterfall is located in 15 kilometers, northeast of Abhar and in the course of Marchin Yaylak. Gilah Khaneh or Kuleh Khaneh Waterfall is accessible via green and fruitful gardens which are covered with poplar and nuts. Almost one kilometer to Marshun Village, there is a traditional unpaved detour that leads to Gilah Khaneh village and waterfall. There is a small river beside the village that you will reach it through moving across the river downward. Abhar and Khorramdarreh are located in a very green valley and due to their climate and fruitful soil are known to be one of the major centers of agricultural products.

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