January 11, 2022   Read time 1 min
Hamedan is a mountainous city with the height of 1800 m above the sea level, located on the hillside of Alvand mountain range and this mountain has been continued to the eastern borders of Hamedan province.

This city enjoys a moderate climate in summer and cold and snowy climate in the winter. Hamedan consists of 2 parts "Markazi", "Shara" 4 cities and 9 rural districts. Hamedan is known to be the 6th historical and cultural city of Iran by its various historical and cultural monuments which turned it into one of the most significant historical-cultural and tourism city.

Avicenna mausoleum is the symbol of this city .The central square of Hamedan is known for radial plan by its rare architectural style in the world. The economy of the city is depending on tourism attractions due to historical and ancient, religious, natural centers and handicrafts such as pottery and ceramic, leather, carpet, Glim, Jajim, as well as the industrial complexes and factories.

People who live in Hamedan speak in Farsi Pahlavi with Hamedani dialect; also there are others with Turki, Kurdi and Lori dialects live in Hamedan and most of them are followers of Asna Ashari Shia'.

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