Health Minister: Iran Starts Vaccination of School Students

  September 19, 2021   Read time 1 min
Health Minister: Iran Starts Vaccination of School Students
Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi announced on Sunday that the vaccination of the country's school students started today.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: "Vaccination of school students is underway," Einollahi said. "According to the scientific studies and adopted decisions at the Scientific Committee of the Health Ministry it was agreed that the students aged between 12 to 18 years will refer to the entire vaccination centers throughout Iran to receive their first doses of their coronavirus vaccines," he added.

Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi announced last Thursday that purchase of 50mln doses of coronavirus vaccine has been secured so far, stressing the need for speeding up efforts to produce, import and inject more jabs.

Rayeesi made the remarks, addressing a meeting with the heads of specialized committees of the national coronavirus campaign headquarters in Tehran.

He said that the country has taken four transitional steps in the fight against the new surge of the coronavirus spread, noting that they include supporting domestic COVID-19 vaccines, increasing foreign vaccine imports, accelerating vaccination and implementing an upgraded iteration of 'Martyr Soleimani' plan.

Rayeesi said that domestic COVID-19 vaccines Fakhra and Razi are in the production stage and Barekat vaccine production line was expanded by speeding up Health Ministry licensing processes.

He also explained that affording and importing foreign vaccines have also been accelerated so that the purchase of 50 million doses has been secured.

The country also saw an increase in general vaccination speed, as 1.1 million doses were administered last Wednesday, according to the President who also vowed to even increase vaccination speed to 2 million doses a day.

Martyr Soleimani plan to fight the coronavirus spread was suspended for some time and President Rayeesi ordered the resumption of the plan as it was effective in cooling down the surge in the pandemic last year.

He praised the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Basij forces and the Red Crescent Society for their efforts to revive Martyr Soleimani plan (Source: FARS NEWS).