Iran Nature: Bugutu Mountain of Azadshahr

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Iran Nature: Bugutu Mountain of Azadshahr
Iran is better known for its varied climate and biodiversity. You can find four seasons at once in four corners of Iran. This is a true magic. Mountain, sea, valley, waterfall, wilderness, lakes and so on and so forth are the spectacular natural treasures. Bugutu mountainous area is one of these natural treasures.

Bugutu Mountain is located in eastern side of Golestan province and Semnan in Tarseh village one of the suburbs of Minu Dasht Division. Bugutu is 2312 meters long. Bugutu literally means “your garden”. This ancient and historical mountainous region is a site where there was break building was discovered through illegal excavations. Prison, castle and military fort are among the elements that make the basis for the conjectures as regards these works.

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But unfortunately, no scientific research has been done yet here. Bugutu Mountain had been in the form of an apex and cliff and there are several side hills along it and this means that when you do not have a guide by yourself, this can be very dangerous, because you will be faced with high cliffs. In fall, this unique natural painting is very beautiful but in this season the weather is cold.

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