Iran Nature: Kuhmian Waterfall of Azadshahr

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Iran Nature: Kuhmian  Waterfall of Azadshahr
Golestan Province is one of the hubs of Iran's natural scenery. There are countless natural destinations that can be planned to be visited by the tourists who choose Golestan as their destination.

Kuhmian in local accent means “in the middle of mountain”. Kuhmian village is one of the suburbia of Azadshahr that has a beautiful and mountainous nature. This village is located at the skirt of Alborz Chain Mountains. Kuhmian’s Gol-e Sangi Waterfall is one of the spectacular attractions of this village. The waterfall’s pool in warm days of the year is an appropriate place for the children to swim and play.

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