Iran Successfully Performs First Remote Robotic Surgery on Dog

  July 07, 2021   Read time 1 min
Iran Successfully Performs First Remote Robotic Surgery on Dog
The first remote robotic surgery in Iran has successfully been performed on a dog.

The operation was carried out using a surgeon robot developed by the Iranian knowledge-based Sina Robotics and Medical Innovators company.

The surgery was done by Dr. Talebpour stationed at Imam Khomeini hospital while the robot and the patient, which was a dog, were both at Sina hospital during the operation.

Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology, was also present while the remote surgery was being performed.

The operation was conducted using Iran’s 5G network. According to Iranian media, the robot has a console which a surgeon can use to control and guide the device’s two robotic arms. The surgeon is given a clear view of the surgery that they are conducting through a monitor.

In recent years, Iran has been pressing forward with programs to develop domestic devices, partially necessitated by US sanctions on Tehran. Over the last year, the country has unveiled numerous pieces of military hardware designed and built in Iran, including the forward ship IRINS Makran and a drone, capable of 1200 miles of flight, named ‘Gaza’.