Iran Unveils 3 New Home-Made Radio Medicine

  December 18, 2021   Read time 2 min
Iran Unveils 3 New Home-Made Radio Medicine
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami announced on Tuesday that the country’s scientists have produced 3 new radio medicines manufactured locally by the Iranian researchers.

Addressing a seminar on the development of the use of radiation in the food industry, Eslami pointed to the production of radiopharmaceuticals in Iran, saying that yesterday 3 new radio medicine were unveiled which are considered necessary for the medical sector of the society. Newly produced radiopharmaceuticals are under the process to receive final licenses to be used by the medical sector, he added.

Eslami added that the three radiopharmaceuticals are produced to treat patients with prostate cancer, and other cancers, including the head and neck and large intestines.

They also include one diagnostic radio medicine, he added.

Eslami said that based on the comprehensive studies carried in Iran, 12 centers are ready to start work on developing the use of radiation in the country.

He expressed readiness to cooperate with investors interested in such projects and those who are willing to cooperate with the AEOI.

While the world powers make allegations against Iran's nuclear enrichment, Tehran has repeatedly rejected them, and stressed that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes, the AEOI chief noted.

Eslami also elaborated on the widespread use of nuclear energy to generate electricity and desalination process.

He announced the AEOI's readiness to cooperate in the field of the food industry and agriculture with other sectors.

Iran’s former Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Vienna-based International Organizations Kazzem Qaribabadi underlined in July that Iran's peaceful intentions of producing enriched uranium metal, saying that it will be used in Tehran Research Reactor (TRT) to produce radio medicine for thousands of patients.

Qaribababdi said that expressing fake concerns by some JCPOA members about the production of a small amount of uranium metal by Iran is by no means acceptable to Tehran, specially now that it is focusing on production of the silicide fuel.

Each year more than 800,000 patients in Iran use the radio medicines produced by Tehran Research Reactor (TRT), he reiterated.

The Iranian diplomat added that the TRT’s fuel is 20% enriched uranium, and "by treating the 20% enriched silicide we have provided the fuel for that rector and highly improved the radio medicines that it produces".

Iran in March unveiled two new home-made radio medicine, LU177-Rituximab and LU177-Trastuzumab, to treat cancer patients (Source: FARSNEWS).

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