Jama Mosque of Naeen

  January 23, 2022   Read time 1 min
Jama Mosque of Naeen
Jama Mosque of Naeen is located in Isfahan province.If there is an imaginary origin of heaven, it must be a mosque that has been built into the heart of desert; Where all the buildings are coming from the soil, with the color of soil and the simple walls are free from any luxury. A place to fly the pigeons of imagination into the bright sky.

Jama Mosque of Naeen has stood firmly more than a thousand years into the heart of desert. It’s like a famous rare jewel, quiet and decent. This mosque, according to some narratives, is the first mosque built in Iran and the most similar one to the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Unique architecture, heavenly patterns and picturesque stuccos make it the third significant old mosque of Iran. There are many narratives about the date of construction, the oldest narrative attributes the date of construction to the 7th century, during the reign of Umar, the second Caliph of the Islamic Empire. The other narratives attribute the date of construction to 10th century, the reign of Deylaman dynasty.

There are four Shabestans at the corners of courtyard. On propylaea, there are clay columns which are the characteristic of mosque architecture, three of Shabestans has more depth and one of them has less depth and different plan, it must be built recently. The deepest and the biggest Shabestan is located toward Qibla with a pretty Mihrab.

There are many wonders in the mosque, one of the oldest amazing of the wonders is a 1050-year-old Mihrab with dreamy stuccos.

There are two inscriptions above Mihrab, one of them is stucco, the other is written by paint on the plaster of wall in Kufic script.

In the middle of Mihrab, there is a wood-carved pulpit. The pulpit is built without any nails or metal connectors, this technique is called Kam-o- Zabaneh.

There is a beautiful tall minaret next to propylaea, it’s about 28 meters in height. The base of minaret is octagonal, the minaret is brick covered to make a harmony with the texture of the city.

Jama Mosque of Naeen is located in the historic neighborhood of the city and registered as a national heritage.