Jinn Chimney the Artwork of Natural Forces

  April 04, 2021   Read time 1 min
Jinn Chimney the Artwork of Natural Forces
Mahnishan in Zanjan Province is one of the rarest natural treasures of Iran that has remained intact due to its geographical specificities. This region owns a beautiful landscape and only those who are true lovers of nature dare to venture a visit of it. Jinn Chimney is one of the natural monuments of this region that provokes ecotourism.

Jinn chimney (Dodkesh Jen) is a natural phenomena that during the erosion, some long columns like minarets with difference in thickness and height are built from sediments and rocks, and usually a large rock or a part of the rough layer has been remain at the top part of it.

These natural structures remain in interesting shapes like a chimney and called Jinn chimney or elf throne. The reason of naming this phenomena probably returns to the human disability in the past that related some phenomena to Jinn and elf and the region’s natives entitled Jinn Chimney to this heterogeneous erosion phenomena. This natural phenomena named Hoodoo in geology and is one of the tourism attractions in all around the world. Hoodoos are more visible in America (Bryce Canyon region). These landscapes are visible in the west side of Mississipi river and the east of the Rockey mountains of America and Canada, Turkey, Serbia and Taiwan.

This phenomena is known to” women with makeup hair “ in the French part of Alps. There are some samples of Hoodoo in the Vardij village in the near of the Vardavard region of Tehran ,but just two of these chimneys in the road of Mahneshan to Beheshtan castle called to Dodkesh Jen.

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