Kazakhstan unrest latest updates: Russia-led troops arrive

  January 08, 2022   News ID 5537
Kazakhstan unrest latest updates: Russia-led troops arrive
Kazakhstan unrest news from January 6: Regional security organisation deploys ‘peacekeeping forces’ as protests turn bloody in the main city of Almaty.

Dozens of people, including citizens and police officers, have been killed as protests continue to rage in Kazakhstan, the worst street unrest since the country gained independence 30 years ago.

Thousands have reportedly been arrested in Almaty and of the hundreds injured, at least 60 are in intensive care.

The protests began over the weekend, triggered by rising fuel prices, but have since morphed into anti-government riots, feeding off resentment of more than three decades of rule by ex-President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In response, Nazarbayev’s handpicked successor, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has sacked the country’s government and declared a nationwide two-week state of emergency.

He also invited troops from a Russian-headed military alliance of former Soviet states into Kazakhstan to restore order (Source: AlJazeera).