Khor Waterfall, Alborz Province

  September 29, 2021   Read time 1 min
Khor Waterfall, Alborz Province
Khor Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls close to Tehran. It is located along the rout of Karaj to Chalus and in 17km of this road. The height is approximately 50meters. In addition, there exists a village with the same name and 3400meters altitude, in the western hillside of Gandom Chal Peak.

The waterfall flows from a river originated from Pahneh Hesar Pick. Although, a water pipe transfers the water of a near fountain upwards.

in addition to a beautiful and pristine nature, Khor waterfall is an attractive destination for nature lovers and waterfall trekkers. Moreover, interesting waterfall tours are hold there in some seasons, under the supervision of the professional instructors. The region also includes a ski resort attracting the lovers of winter sports in the cold season.


However, Khor is an enjoyable destination in both warm and cold seasons. Ice trekking is another popular sport here. The water of waterfall is frozen in cold weather and it makes an ice wall extended from the top of the rock. The region has a pleasant weather in summer and the fruit gardens increase the beauties of this area.

In order to reach the waterfall, you should continue your way from Khuzanlola Exit to Khor Village. Then you will arrive at the waterfall after less than one hour walking.