Majid Entezami and His Work

  September 19, 2021   Read time 1 min
Majid Entezami and His Work
Modern music in Persia became popular through a series of musical figures who got their education outside Iran in European university particularly in Germanophone academies mainly in Germany and Austria. Majid Entezami is one of these figures.

Majid Entezami is an Iranian Composer, Conductor, Musician and Oboist. He was born in 1948 in Tehran. He learned music by playing the Oboe as his professional instrument in Tehran Conservatory of Music. Then he continued his studies at State University of West Berlin under the supervision of Karl Steins and Lothar Koch in 1968. He performed successful concerts with Berlin University Symphony Orchestra in Lyon, Nancy and Marseille from 1969 to 1972.

In 1974 he became a member of Tehran Symphony Orchestra as well as teacher at the Tehran Conservatory and music department of Tehran University. Entezami started composing for Picture in 1977. He scored for the short animated film “Zaal and Simorgh” by Ali Akbar Sadeghi. Then he wrote music for his first cinema work on Journey of the Stone, directed by Masoud Kimiaei.

His works include “The Cyclist”, “The Fateful Day”, “The Glass Agency” and “The Insane Flew Away” which he won four times the best award for film music in International Fajr Film Festival of Tehran for them. Besides that, his music for “The Train”, “Once Upon a Time, Cinema”, “From Karkheh to Rhine”, “Attack on H-3”, “The Fragrance of Joseph’s Shirt”, “Duel”, “A Place to Live”, “Intense Cold”, “The Saint Mary”, “The Men of Anjelos”, “The Wolves” and “The Loneliest General” are some of his notable, memorable and nostalgic works for Iranians. Till now he composed music for over 80 Movies, 9 Television Series and 10 Symphonies.