Molla Rostam's Mosque, Maragheh, Northwestern Persia

  January 25, 2022   Read time 1 min
Molla Rostam's Mosque, Maragheh, Northwestern Persia
The manuscript in the building make no mention of its commissioner and the personality of Molla Rostam is also unknown. In Dafe-ol-Ghorar the construction of this mosque is attribute to Haj Ali Khan Moghaddam Maraghe'e.

No mention of the mosque's construction date is found in its inscriptions, but in view of its architectural style, it may be considered not later than the Safavid period, probably dating back to the early days of the Safavid Shah Tahmasb's region i.e. the mid-tenth century AH, and having been rebuilt in the Qajar period.

One of the pillars in the small winter Shabestan is made of marble, whereas the others are wooden and octagonal in section
This marble pillar and its capital probably belonged to a building which existed here before the mosque was built and can be attributed to the Ilkhanid or the Seljuk period. Today, for wants op proper care, the entrance portico of the mosque has sustained damages and the installation of a steel window at its mid-height has seriously spoiled its facade.