Muhammad's Character: Brilliant Paragon of All Virtues

  September 05, 2021   Read time 1 min
Muhammad's Character: Brilliant Paragon of All Virtues
The character of the Blessed Prophet, adorned by the virtues of sincerity, generosity and humility or truthfulness, nobility and simplicity, was also touched by the perfume of kindness and the effusion of happiness by which he is remembered to this day throughout the Islamic world.

When the term "Muhammadan character" is used in various Islamic language, it always implies this sense of kindness and joy combined with the simplicity, nobility and truthfulness already mentioned. When it is said that so and so has khulq or khulq-i muhammadi, it means that he is blessed by these virtues, that he does not become unnecessarily angry, is calm and collected, has patience and is kind to others.

It means that he is in a state of joy and felicity and not given to constant agitation and protest. Muslims do not fail to remember that the Blessed Prophet always smiled and had a sense of happiness and joy emanate from his face which did not of course exclude "holy anger" when he faced those who opposed the Truth. But what is remarkable is that there existed within his soul both vigor and gentleness, both the severity and purity of the desert and the gentle breeze and perfume of a rose garden. He transformed the world and carried out the most remarkable tasks under unbelievable hardships but always with the kindness and generosity which characterizes the friends of God.

In him the highest perfections were assembled. He was in reality that perfect man before whom the angels were ordered to prostrate. That is why God and his angels praise and bless him and those who are faithful are commanded to also praise and bless him and to model their lives after him. In fact, the praise of the Prophet is the only act that men shares with God and the angels.