Neighborhood policy, a strategic approach of incumbent Iranian gov't: Dy FM

  October 06, 2021   News ID 4335
Neighborhood policy, a strategic approach of incumbent Iranian gov't: Dy FM
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister on political affairs says cooperation on regional peace, improving economic relations, and removing trade barriers are the main subjects of his Pakistan visit adding that the incumbent Iranian government holds a strategic approach on neighborhood policy.

Islamabad, SAEDNEWS: Ali Bagheri Kani during an interview with IRNA in Islamabad on Tuesday after holding a meeting with Pakistani officials said Iran and Pakistan share common view on various international issues.

"This visit took place at the invitation of the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan and shows the continuous political consultations between the two neighboring countries,” he said.

Bagheri said during the meetings and consultations between the two countries, we shared common view on all matters, and if there are obstacles or issues in the development of bilateral relations, we will remove it through consultation, cooperation and mutual assistance.

“Strong relations between the two countries are in the interest of both the nations,” he pointed out.

He described regional peace, stability and security as the main topics of the meeting with Pakistani officials, and said that one of the important topics of the trip was the promotion of economic relations and the removal of trade barriers.

Deputy Foreign Minister added it was agreed that the next round of political consultations between the two countries will be held in Tehran in the near future, which shows the seriousness of the two countries to improve relations.

He stressed neighborhood policy of the thirteenth government is a strategic vision that the President has always emphasized.

“We can use the capacities that exist in neighboring countries to ensure mutual benefits, and this approach will have a strategic impact on peace, stability and security in the region,” he said.

In response to an IRNA reporter's question, Bagheri added the two neighboring countries are always in touch in discussing border security, however, there may be minor issues that we also discussed in the meeting.

"Iran and Pakistan have a brotherly approach and we will find jointly solution to issues to achieve good results," he said.

Bagheri added Iran and Pakistan have a brilliant history of relations in various areas, however, the current state of relations is not at the level we expect and and we must expand these relations (Source: IRNA).