Praise Is Due to Our Lord Ahura Mazda

  August 31, 2021   Read time 1 min
Praise Is Due to Our Lord Ahura Mazda
Zoroastrians have a cordial relationship with their Lord Ahura Mazda and their Prophet Zoroaster. Here is an excerpt of their daily pray.
From one of the basic daily prayers of Zoroastrianism:
Ahuramazda Khodae, Ahreman. Awadashan, dur awazdashtar zad shekashteh bad! Ahreman, devan, darujan, jaduan, darvandan, kikan, karafan, sastaran, gunehgaran, ashmogam, darvandan, dushmana frian Zad shekashteh bad; dush-padshahan awadashan bad . . .
Ahuramazda Kohdae, az hama gunah patet pashemanum, az harvastin dushmata, duzukhta, duzhvarshta, mem pa geti manid oem goft, oem kard, oem jast, oem bun bud ested. Az an gunah, manashni, gavashni, kunashni, tani ravani, geti minoani, okhe awaksh pasheman pa se gavashni pa patet hom. Khshnaothra Ahurae Mazdao! Taroidite Anghrahe Mainyeush! Haithya varshtam huat vasna ferashotemem. Staomi Ashem. Ahura Mazda is the self-created master. May the evil mind be vanquished and removed far from us. May it be frustrated and defeated. May the evil mentality, the wicked persons, the liars, the deceivers, those who have left the right path, the willfully blind, the willfully deaf, the tyrants, the sinners, the distorters of truth, the persons who have strayed from the path of God, the evil minded, may they all be frustrated and may the evil minded be defeated and removed far from us . . .
Ahura Mazda is our lord. From all my sins I repent. I turn back from every evil thought, every evil word, and every evil deed, which in this world I may have thought, I may have uttered, I may have committed, or which in any way proceeded from me or originated from me. From all such sins of thoughts, words, and deeds, pertaining either to my body or my soul, pertaining either to this world or the spiritual world, I do turn back having conscientiously sought forgiveness by expressing repentance three times over for it. The glory be unto Ahura Mazda! Let there be contempt for the evil mind! Such is the uppermost wish of those who are virtuous in their actions. I praise Truth.