Pres. Raisi: Resolution against Iran concurrent with talks irresponsible move

  July 05, 2022   News ID 6796
Pres. Raisi: Resolution against Iran concurrent with talks irresponsible move
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that the US and European states’ attempts in proposing a resolution at the IAEA Board of Governors (BoG) against Iran in the middle of the negotiations were irresponsible and violated the spirit of talks and agreements.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Switzerland’s new Ambassador Nadin Olivier Rey in her Monday meeting with the Iranian President presented a copy of her credentials to him. During the meeting, President Raisi said that Iran is ready to boost relations with all states, including Switzerland, in the commercial, economic and political areas.

Pointing to the diplomatic role of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, the Iranian president noted that the US and the European states made a wrong calculation about Iran, and “I hope” that you will transfer the realities of Iran to the government and the other countries to know that Iran, despite its enemies' hostilities, has continued to progress and it's enemies hegemonic policies have failed.

Raisi highlighted that the attempts taken by the US and the three European countries in proposing a resolution against Iran at the IAEA BoG at a time when negotiations for an agreement are underway were irresponsible and violate the spirit of negotiations and agreement and represent their paradoxical behavior.

The US must decide to abide by the requirements of negotiations and agreements, the Iranian president reiterated.

Nadin Olivier Rey, for her part, said that Iran and Switzerland have always had positive and constructive interactions and cooperation for more than 100 years since diplomatic relations were established.

Referring to the roadmap for Tehran-Bern ties, the Swiss ambassador noted that as the ambassador of Switzerland, her main plan is to try to expand relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran (Source: IRNA).