President Raisi starts Iran's new school year

  September 25, 2021   News ID 4189
President Raisi starts Iran's new school year
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi rang the school bell in southern Tehran on Saturday to symbolically the beginning of the new academic year across the country.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: About 16 million Iranian students started school year on September 25. On first day of Mehr (September 23) which is the seventh month of the Iranian calendar year, the new school year begins in Iran; however, this year, the event started two days later as Mehr 1 fell on Thursday. Iranian schools are closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

At the ceremony, in which the caretaker of Ministry of Education was also present, President Raisi described school as a place for solidarity.

Also, director general of the Tehran office of education Abdolreza Fouladvand said at the ceremony that the government is after returning to the in -person classes gradually.

This year like the previous year, students except for a few are being taught virtually due to the pandemic.

The deadly coronavirus has killed over 4,750,000 worldwide since its outbreak in December 2019. The number of the dead in Iran has passed 118,000 (Source: IRNA).