President Rouhani Recommends Biden Administration to Return to JCPOA

  January 20, 2021   News ID 1604
President Rouhani Recommends Biden Administration to Return to JCPOA
Iranian president said that the US new administration shall return to the nuclear accord as soon as possible.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS, Jan. 20: During the cabinet session on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani said: "Today, Trump's black book will be closed forever. The legacy he left behind during these four years was the polarization of American society. On Wednesday, the day of the inauguration of the new US president, Washington DC became a military barracks. All these armed forces came to establish the security of this city. This is one of the consequences of Trump's authoritarian actions."

"America's political isolation is one of Trump's legacies," Rouhani said, “America was left alone in politics. He was left alone when he acted against Palestine, and the majority of the world opposed and fought him. He was left alone in JCPOA. He was left alone in international organizations.”

Rouhani added: "Regarding JCPOA, Iran, and Resolution 2231, he failed again. Where he tried to stop the arms embargo, he failed, where he came to implement its so-called Snapback, he failed. Political isolation is part of Trump's legacy and it will take time for them to change this legacy."

"We have never seen a president in the United States explicitly admit to assassination of a senior military commander in another country in which he was a guest. To officially announce that 'I have ordered the assassination'; that is, we have seen a stupid terrorist in history. Government terrorism hit the White House in the forehead, and Trump is the reason for that,” President Rouhani added.

Emphasizing that today is the end of the administration and even of Trump's political life, he said: "These four years of oppression were a violation of law and order. Today, we expect those in power in the White House to return to the rule of law, and if they can, in the next four years, to remove all the black spots of the previous four years, of course if they can be removed, because it is impossible to remove some stains.”

"If they honestly return to the law, we will return to our commitments," President Rouhani said, “it is clear to the world and our nation that the policy of maximum pressure and economic terrorism towards Iran has failed 100%.” (Source: IranPress).