Radicalism Takes 2 More Lives in Quebec: Stabbing in Medieval Clothes

  November 01, 2020   News ID 505
Radicalism Takes 2 More Lives in Quebec: Stabbing in Medieval Clothes
Sacrilegious words of Emanuel Macron and insulting caricatures of Charlie Hebdo have ignited a fire of hatred and radicalism that does not seem to be easily extinguishable. After 2 attacks in France that claimed 5 innocent lives, now it is reported that a man attacks people on the street by knife and in Medieval Clothes and kills 2 innocent men.

Canada, SAEDNEWS, Nov. 1: At least two people were killed and five more wounded in a stabbing attack in Quebec, Canada on early Sunday morning. Police have arrested the suspect. The attack took place near the regional parliament building. Police said the assailant was armed with a bladed weapon and dressed in “medieval clothes.” According to local media, at least two people were killed, while five more were hospitalized.

After a brief manhunt, the suspect was arrested at around 1am local time. The police have yet to provide any details about his identity or possible motive.

Le suspect a été arrêté. Deux décès sont confirmés. Plus de détails à venir. https://t.co/cCUG4IsrRS

— ICI Québec (@iciquebec) November 1, 2020

Radio Canada reported that the suspect is a man in his 20s, and was wielding a sword when he was detained. He was taken to a hospital with hypothermia, the outlet said. The incident took place three days after a Tunisian migrant went on a stabbing rampage inside a Catholic church in the French Mediterranean city of Nice, killing three people. He was shot by police and taken into custody (Source: Russia Today).