Republicans Lost One Seat in Georgia Senate Runoff: Trump's Unending Nightmare

  January 06, 2021   News ID 1408
Republicans Lost One Seat in Georgia Senate Runoff: Trump's Unending Nightmare
Democrat Raphael Warnock has reportedly won a runoff senate election against incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Washington DC, SAEDNEWS, Jan. 6: Democrat Raphael Warnock has won a runoff Senate election against incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler, AP projects, bringing Democrats one step closer to flipping the upper chamber of Congress.

Warnock is the senior pastor at civil rights activist Dr Martin Luther King Jr's former church in Atlanta. He grew up in public housing in Savannah and will become the southern state's first Black senator.

The second runoff election in the state remains too close to call with Republican Senator David Perdue currently leading Democrat Jon Ossoff by 1,322 votes, according to AP.

Final tallies are expected by Wednesday evening but if the votes are within a 0.5% margin, a candidate could ask for a recount.

President-elect Biden and the left-leaning Democratic Party have to win both runoff elections in order to flip the upper chamber of Congress, which is responsible for lawmaking and a host of other duties.

Losing one of the two runoff elections would keep the chamber in the hands of the right-leaning Republicans who could block Biden's legislative priorities, as well as his nominees for his incoming Cabinet, who have to be confirmed by the Senate before taking office.

The elections put the southern state of Georgia in the spotlight again after it became a key battleground in 2020, voting in favour of a Democrat for the first time since 1992 (Source: Euronews).