Resistance Front and Fall of Oppression and Oppressors

  January 27, 2021   Read time 1 min
Resistance Front and Fall of Oppression and Oppressors
Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini was not merely a movement for liberation of one nation suppressed by a tyrant rather it signaled the fall of all oppressors across the world. The supreme leader of Islamic Revolution would say that I'll never exchange one single hair of an oppressed with the whole oppressors of the world.

Resistance Front is represented by nations that have suffered a lot in the history. These nations seek to break the chains of all types of servitude but the servitude of Allah. Fighting the oppressors has its origin in a monotheistic key doctrine according to which "Allah Is the Greatest of All"! No one can present himself as the owner of the destiny of the people rather only those who represent the true followers of Allah have the right to raise a claim of domination. It is in this spirit that Imam Khomeini writes "Institution of a government for administering justice in the interest of the oppressed and downtrodden masses, for preventing tyranny and oppression and for instituting social equality similar to what Solomon and the Glorious Messenger of Islam (S.A.W.) and his noble disciples struggled for is among prime duties and -its establishment is a lofty act of worship since the rational politics which mark such governments is a principal social requisite. I exhort the wakeful and vigilant people of Iran to neutralize such plots relying on their Islamic perceptions, and also exhort our selfcommitted writers and public speakers to help our nation, and thereby eliminate the conspiring worldly satans of our time."

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