Resistance Front and Idea of Universal Islamic Governance

  January 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Resistance Front and Idea of Universal Islamic Governance
The key theoreticians of Islamic resistance see their project as the mobilization of intellectual and spiritual forces of the Islamic nations towards the realization of the so called "Governance of Allah". Resistance Front presents itself as a movement that fights with the Satanic forces in world and this is also why America is called Great Satan.

Resistance Front revolves around the Exalted Name of Allah. Those who are active in this front see themselves as the servants of Allah and the devoted soldiers of Islam. The goal of Resistance Front is the sublimation of the banner of Islam. "Allah Is Great"! This slogan has its root in this mode of thought, indeed. It is exactly in this spirit that the Founder of Islamic Revolution and the Master Mind of Resistance Front says: "Islam and the Islamic government are divine entities, the fulfillment of which guarantee prosperity in this world and salvation in the Hereafter in its optimum form. It is capable of nullifying injustices, tyrannies, ravages and corruption, and of helping humanity attain its lofty goal. It is an ideology which, unlike irreligious ideologies, has guidelines for and oversees every aspect of the private life of the people as well as the social, material, spiritual, cultural, political, military and economic system of the society without overlooking any point, however trivial it may seem in connection with the education of men, and the society and their material and spiritual progress, reminding man of stumbling blocks and impediments on the road to perfection and offering solutions to those problems. Now that with the grace of God the Islamic Republic has been instituted with the mighty hands of the committed people of this country, and bearing in mind the supremacy of Islam and Islamic edicts as far as it concerns the Islamic Republic, it is the obligation of the noble people of Iran to strive for the fulfillment of all aspects of the system, since the preservation of Islam takes precedent over all other obligations."

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