Resistance Front, Regional Solidarity and Islamic Ideology

  January 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Resistance Front, Regional Solidarity and Islamic Ideology
Imam Khomeini as the founding father of Islamic Revolution always reminded the nation and the world that Islamic Revolution of people of Iran succeeded because of two vital factors: Islamic Religion and National Solidarity. These two key points are at the same time the key to the success of the regional and global resistance movement.

Iranian people by their Islamic Revolution proved many political equations to be wrong. Secular politics always insists on negotiations and lobbying as the necessary element of every political transition. Many believe that without the support of the world superpowers, no single political event can take its full form. However, in Iran, united people under the leadership of a brave cleric imposed their will to the front of oppressive powers who incessantly supported Shah regime. Resistance front can take many lessons from the history of Islamic Revolution as its primordial example. "Indisputably the secret of the permanence of the Islamic Revolution in Iran is the same secret that caused its triumph. The nation already knows the secret of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and the future generation will read in their history books that two principal constituents of the Revolution were its divinelybased ideology and the solidarity of the people throughout the country with a unity of motto, with same spirit and for the same goal. I advise all generations, present and future, who want to witness the continued life of the divine rule and witness also the eliminating the influences of colonialists and exploiters, in, or outside of, the country, from their land, cannot do better than to continue to preserve the same theocentric feelings which the Supreme Lord has emphasized in the Holy Qur'an; a feeling which helps us to forget individual differences. The complex international propaganda machinery, which is the mouthpiece of our enemies as well as their local offshoots here and there, is exploiting all its resources for airing rumors and divisive lies and expending billions of dollars on that for an obvious purpose."

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