Resistance Front under the Leadership of Islamic Republic of Iran

  January 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Resistance Front under the Leadership of Islamic Republic of Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran is an independent country located in one of the most strategic regions of the world. This country has been witness to one of the astonishing revolutions in twentieth century, i.e. Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini. Iran has then turned into the stronghold of resistance against the world oppressors.

Islamic Revolution of Iran under the leadership of the late Great Grand Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini was indeed an earthquack in the world the aim of which was awakening the oppressed people across the globe. Imam Khomeini referrd to himself as the "Leader of the Oppressed and the Wretched in World". He did not intend just to take the throne from Shah rather he had a "Dream". The dream of a world governed by Allah's Laws the only source of justice and happiness in Imam Khomeini's eyes. He was so proud of this goal and he devoted his whole life for promotion of this single idea. In this way, he established the "Resistance Front" in Middle East; one of the most adventurous regions in the world. Even many apocalyptic narratives of the world history refer to this region as the battle ground of Evil and Good in Doomsday. "What pride would be more sublime and more dignified than to witness that America, despite her claims, military machine, her puppet governments, her having access to the wealth of the oppressed nations, and her control of mass media, failed and lost heart before the upright nation of Iran and the country of his Holiness Baqiyatallah [special designation for the Shi'i twelfth Imam], may god sacrifice us upon his coming, to the point that she does not know to whom to turn to. Whomever she turns, she is refused ant this could not have come about but only through the invisible aids from the Almighty, whose Greatness is the Highest, and Who has awakened nations especially the Iranian nation and has elevated it from the darkness of despotic monarchy into Islamic light", Imam Khomeini writes in his Last Will. This is indeed an expression of the goal envisaged by the Founder of Islamic Revolution.

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