Resistance Key to Overthrow of US Monopoly: IRGC Commander in Chief

  November 23, 2020   News ID 834
Resistance Key to Overthrow of US Monopoly: IRGC Commander in Chief
The Commander in Chief of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps believes that resistance is key to the defeat of Great Satan.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS, Nov. 23: “Today, the US has faced major economic problems and its military power has worn out too because a powerful erosive resistance power has expelled it from its strategic headquarters of the 40 years,” General Salami said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday.

He noted that the erosive resistance power is now standing against the US, saying that Washington’s power is declining and it has collapsed and rotten from inside.

In relevant remarks in September, General Salami said that the US has now been isolated in the world and is withdrawing from the region.

“Today the US, which has been exerting pressures to isolate Iran, has itself been isolated. The US has gradually lost its political influence in the region and the world and has been marginalized in the political developments and failed to score any victory in the battlefield,” General Salami said, addressing Iranian lawmakers in Tehran.

He referred to the US role in the formation of ISIL terrorist group, and said Iran defused Washington’s plots in this grand battlefield and prevented materialization of its political wishes to restructure the Middle-East politically.

“The US is now withdrawing while it is tired, worn-out and debilitated,” General Salami said.