Reza Bazaar, Mashhad, Northeast Persia

  September 28, 2021   Read time 2 min
Reza Bazaar, Mashhad, Northeast Persia
When traveling to Mashhad be sure to visit Reza Bazaar for a walk-in historical space and shopping. Mashhad Reza Bazaar is located on the eastern side of Imam Reza Street in this city. This market is one of the most noticeable markets in Iran in terms of economy.

It has a unique beauty and is considered a recreational and historical attraction. Mashhad Reza Bazaar was designed under the order of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi during the Pahlavi era in 1976. This bazaar is made of 6 separate bazaars in one building. In various parts of the market, called the Hashti, there are drinking fountains and benches for tourists to relax.
Mashhad Reza Bazaar is built like many other markets in Iran. The covered nature of this market reminds people of famous indoor markets such as Shiraz Vakil Bazaar or Isfahan Qeysarie bazaar. In this bazaar, like these two famous bazaars, souvenirs of the city are sold. The beautiful architecture of the two main entrances of the bazaar, which is based on Islamic architecture and in accordance with Iranian architecture, will amaze you. The two entrances, which are located on both sides, are similar to each other and have the same structure. Mashhad Reza Bazaar is built on two floors. On the beautiful second floor, there are small workshops of handicrafts, gilding, ring making, turquoise cutting, and embroidery.
Travel to Mashhad, which is a mountainous city, is beautiful in all seasons, so Reza Bazaar in Mashhad will entertain you enough in all seasons. Just note that the city of Mashhad is very crowded during the holidays and many travelers travel to this city for sightseeing and pilgrimage, so if you do not like the crowd, you can choose non-holiday days for walking in Reza Bazaar. Be sure to include the pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in your plan in addition to a tour of Reza Bazaar. Visit the Astan Quds Museum near the shrine, the Goharshad Mosque, and the green dome of Mashhad.
To go to Reza Bazaar, it is better to enter from the entrance of Hefdah- Shahrivar Square, because in this case, you will encounter fewer crowds. But if the crowd is not important to you, the Ab-square is the closest square to the shrine from which you can reach Reza Bazaar. In 1390, a mechanized tower parking lot was added to the Reza Bazaar complex in Mashhad. To go to Reza Bazaar, you can also use the subway and reach Reza Bazaar with one of the lines 2, 3, and 4. Bus lines are also active around Reza Bazaar, you can get to Imam Reza Bazaar from anywhere in Mashhad.