Russian Envoy Summoned to Iran’s Foreign Ministry

  August 14, 2021   Read time 1 min
Russian Envoy Summoned to Iran’s Foreign Ministry
Iran’s foreign ministry called in Russia’s ambassador to demand explanation about a picture released by the Russian Embassy in Tehran, which was taken to bring to mind a World War II-era conference in the city that lives in infamy in the historical memory of the Iranian nation.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Jagaryan to discuss the Iranian public's reaction to a joint photo of Jagaryan and British Ambassador Simon Shercliff taken on the background of the Russian Embassy in Tehran," according to the Embassy's information.

Jagaryan has recently met with UK Ambassador to Iran Simon Shercliff in a location where the 1943 Tehran Conference took place, and a photo of the diplomats after the meeting was criticized in Iran because the conference is linked to then-illegal presence of foreign forces in the country. The photo has been condemned by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and other Iranian officials.

"Today... Jagaryan was invited to the Iranian Foreign Ministry over the contentious reaction of the Iranian public to the photo published jointly with the UK Ambassador in Tehran Simon Shercliff," according to a statement obtained by Sputnik from the embassy.


After hearing the ambassador's explanations, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while emphasizing the friendly relations between Iran and Russia, reminded him that the publication of this photo, even with the stated intention, was not acceptable and necessary attention to the country's historical, political and cultural requirements should be carefully considered by the ambassadors.

The Russian diplomatic mission added that the discussion was "held in a friendly manner" and the Iranian side received "all necessary explanations" regarding the photo.

The embassy noted, "The ambassador expressed remorse for the misunderstanding" (Source: Tasnim).