Semeskandeh Wildlife Sanctuary in Mazandaran

  October 13, 2020   Read time 1 min
Semeskandeh Wildlife Sanctuary in Mazandaran
Semskandeh Wildlife Sanctuary of Sari provides a protected area for the rarest animal and plant species. Like many other similar sanctuaries, Semskandeh is also popular among the wildlife fan inside and outside Iran.

Semeskandeh Wildlife Sanctuary lies 10 kilometers southeast of Sari and its main access road is from Sari to Semeskandeh and then it enters the village’s courtyard through a village road. Among the important plant species, one can refer to European Hornbeam, Parrotia Persica, Alder, Raspberry, and Gleditsia. There are also significant animal types including yellow deer, red deer, roe deer, partridge, plus birds of prey, jackal, jungle cat, squirrel, marten, bore, forest eagle, owl, forest dove, and wolf.

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