Shevi (Tele Zang) Waterfall, Dezful, South Persia

  November 29, 2021   Read time 1 min
Shevi (Tele Zang) Waterfall, Dezful, South Persia
Shevi waterfall (Shevi) or "Tele Zang" is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and the Middle East which is located in the Zagros Mountains in the northern city of Dezful with a short distance from Lorestan province, in the south of Dorud and among the Sar Tang Shevi mountains.

Shevi waterfall of Dezful is one of the exquisite scenery and natural attractions of Iran that springs out of a cave and descents from the high mountain creating a unique natural perspective.

Around the waterfall is full of oak trees, almonds and various kinds of plants.

This area is also the habitat of endangered species of Salamander Empire. Nature friends from all over the country come to this area for recreation in the spring. The waterfall is known to be "Taf Shevi" in the local dialect.