Shir Abad Skiing Piste in Mashhad

  October 05, 2020   Read time 1 min
Shir Abad Skiing Piste in Mashhad
Shir Abad Skiing Piste is among the entertainment facilities in Mashhad. This entertainment facility provide the opportunity to the families and individual tourists to have good times and enjoy their stay in Mashhad.

Shir Abad Skiing Piste is located in Khorasan Razavi Province. From Shir Abad Skiing Piste to Dowlat Abad village there is an 18 kilometer distance and from Dowlat Abad to Mashhad there is an almost 20 kilometer long drive. The road that leads the tourists from Dowlat Abad to Piste is a mountainous dirt road. Shir Abad Piste is constructed on the skirt of the highest mountain of Khurasan Province 3310 meters high. Thus, it is always covered by snow in most months of the year. Its 50 acres area has provided a suitable space for recreation of the youth with their family. The first and only Skiing Piste of the eastern region called Shir Abad Skiing Piste was opened on 2011 December 22.

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