SNSC secretary: Iran’s priorities include détente, cooperation with neighbors

  December 14, 2021   News ID 5288
SNSC secretary: Iran’s priorities include détente, cooperation with neighbors
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said on Monday that Iran's main priorities include détente, resolving misunderstandings, development and strengthening comprehensive cooperation in economic, defense and security fields, as well as strategic cooperation with neighbors.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Shamkhani made the remarks in his Monday evening meeting with Iran’s ambassadors in regional and neighboring countries where he elaborated on global developments and their effects on Iran’s strategic position in West Asia.

He stressed that convergence among regional counties, and especially their cooperation with Iran ensures achieving collective interests.

The SNSC secretary said that President Ebrahim Raisi’s government attaches prime priority to relations with neighboring countries, stressing that meaningful cooperation can be achieved once intentions are turned into practical indexes and implied in actions and the Iranian ambassador should in close cooperation with concerned officials make such ideals work.

Shamkhani said that the US hegemony has decreased in the world as new world powers are emerging and changing the balance of power, but such conditions have led to tensions and new challenges at the international scene with the United States.

“The US exit from Iraq, Afghanistan and West Asia in general and Washington’s priority for counter China as a geo-economic threat and Russia as a geopolitical threat are all adopted due to the newly emerged conditions,” he added.

The SNSC secretary referred to Iran’s intensified encounters with the Zionist regime's bullying, arguing that the United States has shifted safeguarding the Zionist regime by the US European military headquarters to the US regional CENTCOM, as the process of Israel’s naturalizing ties with regional countries gains momentum, and that is a perilous sign.

He also referred to the Saudi-led coalition’s defeat in Yemen war; the Lebanese Hezbollah’s resolute will to preserve the resistance against the Zionist regime, and the emergence of the “hero Gaza” as a major power against Israel as some other characteristics of the new regional power balance.

Shamkhani also pointed out that the US and its allies’ maximum pressure policy against Iran has failed and the major players in the world and the region have all confirmed this fact.

“The regional resistance forces have meanwhile managed to defeat the Daesh, which was the center of crisis generation organized crime by the United States and its regional allies,” further stressed Shamkhani.

He also referred to the cowardly assassination of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani on direct order by former US President Donald Trump, stressing that they intended to destroy the core of regional resistance by that move, but failed to achieve their goal (Source: IRNA).

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