State Employment and Retirement Age in Iran

  November 03, 2021   Read time 1 min
State Employment and Retirement Age in Iran
Iranian economy is a state controlled economy and the chief revenues of the country are those of oil, gas and petrochemical export though there are many other items and goods which are normally exported. However, the state is the ruling actor in Iranian economy and this is for sure.

A large percentage of the workforce is employed by the state in government offices, local authorities, and educational establishments, or by state-related organizations and institutions. Jobs range from cleaners and tea attendants to blue-collar workers, and from technical, administrative, teaching, and management personnel to the highest positions of managing directors.

State employment is highly sought after for a variety of reasons. Although basic salaries have increased to acceptable levels over recent years, they are not exceptional. The attraction of a state job lies mainly in other benefits available to workers, such as subsidized travel, opportunities to buy land or new homes at low prices, interest-free loans, family cash allowances, medical insurance, and a pension plan. Another important consideration is the fact that a government job is for life: once you have it, you have a guaranteed salary for the rest of your working life and a pension to the end of your days.

According to current legislation, male state employees retire after thirty years of service and females after twenty-five. Women also have the option of early retirement after twenty years on a reduced pension. In response to the increased numbers of young people entering the workforce every year, there is talk of lowering the retirement age for men to create more job opportunities.

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