Tehran Was Partially Shutdown for Containing Coronavirus Spread

  October 04, 2020   News ID 49
Tehran Was Partially Shutdown for Containing Coronavirus Spread
Iran's capital Tehran was partially locked down in order to contain the virus spread in a wild way. Unfortunately, like other countries across the world, Iran is also suffering a lot from the unknown virus. Many have already lost their lives and many are expected to die because of the infection. Protocols are drawn to contain the situation.

SAEDNEWS Oct. 4: On Saturday, Oct. 3, authorities in Tehran reintroduced lockdown measures in the capital following a rise in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases. Gyms, swimming pools, and mosque as well as many other public places are closed for one week. While the Iranian government does not release death tolls by province, Tehran is believed to have seen around 50 deaths a day out of a nationwide average of 200 a day.


President Hassan Rouhani announced on Oct. 2 that large gatherings, including weddings and funerals, have been banned throughout Iran until further notice due to the recent spike in cases in the country. The wearing of face masks in public places has also been made mandatory.

Many have already been infected in Tehran and the hospitals are not prepared to contain the situation. It seems that people should pich in and observe the protocols otherwise there would be nationwide castrophe as frequently warned by the health officials.