Tehraners Protested Against French President's Anti-Islamic Position

  October 29, 2020   News ID 450
Tehraners Protested Against French President's Anti-Islamic Position
Tehraners gathered before the French Embassy at Tehran in Neauphle-le-Chateau Street and protested against the Charlie Hebdo's caricatures and French President Emanuel Macron's statements of Islam.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS, Oct. 28: Hundreds of Iranians gathered in front of the French embassy in Tehran on Wednesday evening to show their anger at insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hundreds of men and women gathered in Neauphle-le-Château street in Tehran while carrying flags written:” I love Muhammed (PBUH).” Protestors also chanted slogans “Down with the USA” and “Down with Israel.” They also demanded the expulsion of the French ambassador from Tehran. In a symbolic action, they also changed the name of the street from Neauphle-le-Château to “Mohammad Rasoul-Allah.”

In a statement, the protestors said: “The insulting act of the French magazine in publishing a caricature insulting the luminous existence of the Messenger of Mercy, Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God Be Upon Him) and the religion of Islam, hurt the hearts of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world in a way that thousands of lovers of the Prophet around the world have come to the streets to express their anger and disgust, despite the special situation of the coronavirus outbreak.”

“We warn the leaders of the anti-Islamic Western governments not to be pleased with the services and compromises of the traitors to Islam and to know that the soldiers of the pure Islam of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the true lovers of the Prophet are standing by the holy ideals of Islam, despite all cultural, political and economic pressures,” the statement added.

Calls to boycott French goods are growing around the world after President Emmanuel Macron's comments against Islam and Muslims.

Macron on Wednesday accused Muslims of separatism and vowed not to give up cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad (Source: Iran Press).

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