The British Driven from Enzeli and Rasht, May 1920

  September 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
The British Driven from Enzeli and Rasht, May 1920
This is exactly what happened. The Jangalis and Bolsheviks attacked the British at Enzeli in May 1920 and drove them out.

As noted, the British defeats had emboldened Ahmad Shah to dismiss Vossough in June 1920. The British suffered great loss of prestige by their precipitous retreat from Enzeli, and a few days later they also evacuated Resht, coming to Kazvin [Qazvin]. Reinforcements were hurriedly sent up from Bagdad to Kazvin and if the Bolsheviki had advanced they would likely have been opposed near this latter place. However, they have so far occupied only Resht and the Caspian ports. At the time of the capture of Enzeli by the Bolsheviki, most foreigners fled from Resht and Enzeli, and among these refugees are the two American missionaries who are located in Resht. They have come to Teheran. All Americans are safe and it is believed that they would not have actually suffered even if they had remained in Resht.

With the expulsion of the British from Gilan, the Provisional Republican Government of Gilan was formed, with Mirza Kuchik Khan as its nominal head. The provisional government proclaimed the abolition of monarchy and all treaties and agreements with Britain were declared unlawful. The remnants of the Persian Cossacks in Gilan were captured, and the officials of the Persian government were escorted out of Gilan. Caldwell concludes the following report with the observation that as long as the British remained, no peace was possible.

The British, on the other hand, were determined to hold on whatever the cost: The revolutionary provinces have viewed the fall of Vossough-ed-Dowleh with the greatest satisfaction, but it is by no means certain that the new Cabinet can cope with or control the situation. The greatest animosity of the Persians who are not satisfied is exhibited against the British and if the latter continue to hold the upper hand in Persia, peace and content cannot be expected here for a long time to come. But, on the other hand, the British have announced that they are ready to supply whatever may be necessary of men and means to control the situation, and have announced definitely that they will continue the military occupation of Persia.