Zionist War on Gaza Strip Ended with the Embarrassment for Israel Regime

  May 23, 2021   News ID 2529
Zionist War on Gaza Strip Ended with the Embarrassment for Israel Regime
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted unity and solidarity among Palestinians during Twelve-Day War against the Zionist regime of Israel and described the Gaza Strip's strong response as a big victory.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: People in Europe and America poured into streets [to support Palestinians] but some Western states did take incorrect stance on the issue, President Rouhani said in the National Coronavirus Taskforce session in Tehran.

President Rouhani went on to say that most of Islamic countries adopted a good stance; however, much more was expected from the Arab World.

Some kept silent even at final days of the war, the president added.

However, “all nations did well,” the President underlined.

As the President stressed, resistance will bring victory.

Further, he congratulated the Resistant and patient nation of Palestine on their victory.

Turning to the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Rouhani said that all Iranian provinces have passed the peak as red zones are reported very few while many others are orange and yellow.

Rouhani called for efforts to pass through the present peak completely.

As he noted, the country has been fighting against the coronavirus during the past 15 months while economic war also existed.

Then, he said that sanctions increased the level of difficulties in the pandemic as the country could not well provide the nation with medicine and medical equipment due to the bans.

Meanwhile, the government put in all its effort to relieve people’s sufferings, he underlined.

Coronavirus has killed over 3,450,000 worldwide since its outbreak in December 2019. The number of dead in Iran has passed 80,000 (Source: IRNA).