Resistance Front and Necessity of a Well-established Confidence in Islam

  January 26, 2021   Read time 1 min
Resistance Front and Necessity of a Well-established Confidence in Islam
Every movement should be mindful of the enemy's efforts for weakening the confidence in the subjects involved in it. Islamic Resistance Front is not an exception to this. Dismay and despondence are the enemies of a sustainable activism with sublime goals like promotion of Islamic Ideals.

The enemies of Islam have always struggled to intimidate the Muslim believers of the consequecnes of their trust in Islam while Quran continuously reminds the faithful of the importance of the trust that must be put in Allah. Satan in Quran is depicted as the first creature on earth who has become disappionted of Allah. This is also why in Quran, Allah says that "Dont's be disappointed of Allah's Compassion". Imam Khomeini was mindful of this eternal fact and strategic point and he strongly warned the Muslim nations of the plots of the enemies that aim at disheartening the Muslim activists of the Resistance Front. It is just out of these concerns that Imam Khomeini writes "Among the noticeable conspiracies during the present century and especially during the last few decades and since the victory of the Islamic Revolution is the vast worldwide propaganda for dismaying nations and especially the self-sacrificing people of Iran with a view to making them lose their confidence in Islam and eventually renounce it. Sometimes they do it directly, albeit crudely, suggesting, for example, that the edicts of Islam which were established one thousand and four hundred years ago cannot possibly be relied on as laws on the basis of which to administer countries in the present century; that Islam is a reactionary religion opposed to every innovation and to the manifestation of modem civilization, or that in the present era the world's countries cannot discard the world's civilization and its manifestations."

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